MECH BTA_T Dash (Sam Yang) 440x614.jpg

Dash, Inventor Extraodinaire

Hey everyone!


It’s with great pleasure that I am finally able to share two recent card illustrations I did for the latest expansion of trading card game Flesh and Blood: Arcane Rising! Featured in these artworks is Dash, decked out in her own inventions in one and as her younger self in the other.


Thus far, these have been the largest pair of artworks that I’ve created for the amazing team at Legend Story Studios, who are locally based down in our neck of the woods - New Zealand! These few pieces lived through a frightening pc crash and were continually worked on during a trip to Singapore and China as well.


Below are some early sketches exploring Dash’s exosuit:


Young Dash

Trying to figure out the various little gadgets Dash had and roughly thinking about how they functioned ended up taking up quite some time; that on top of the general iterations of her base design as well. I’m quite happy about how the “Swiss-army-knife” type of mechanized gauntlet turned out. 


While there’s always things to work on and improve with each new piece, I’m very proud of a great number of things encountered while working on these and can’t wait to get my hands on the physical cards themselves. Will update this page with photos once I do!

- Sam

MECH BTA_T Young Dash (Sam Yang) 440x614